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salzburger Bügel - sicheres und schönes Parken für smart Städte

Salzburg hanger

Can be flexibly rotated up to 45 ° for a high degree of adaptability and can be configured with a seat or flower box as required - ARC is the youngest member of our family.

In the largest configuration, 22 bikes can be parked. Thanks to the modular nature, the Bikeparker ellipse becomes a multifunctional centrepiece in the space, consisting of bike parking, seating, a service station, E-chargers or lockers.

bike deck

Bikedeck – connected und sicheres smart Parken für Fahrräder und E-Bikes – Mobility as a service MAAS


An eye-catcher with a high-low position - this design is not only supportive and safe, but saves space with a modern aesthetic.

bento - Hoher, niedriger Fahrradabstellplatz, um Platz zu sparen
bikeparker - Vertikale Parklösung für den offenen Stadtraum
bikeparker - Vertikale Parklösung für den offenen Stadtraum


The bike parker classic - designed to provide a more secure, organised and beautiful way to park bicycles in an urban environment by taking advantage of the unused space around streetlights and trees.

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