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Intelligentes und platzsparendes Fahrradparken für Innenstädte



Pilot-aufstellung 2023

Bikedeck ist eine modulare Radboxen mit begehbarer Dachfläche für eine doppelte Nutzung der Stadtfläche. Bikedeck besteht aus digitalen Fahrradboxen, die über eine App stundenweise bis monatsweise gemietet werden können und eine Dachfläche, die über eine Treppe begehbar ist und somit eine zweite Ebene schafft.

Der erste Pilot mit einer Konfiguration von drei Boxen, einer Treppe und Dachterasse wird Anfang Juli in Guntramsdorf bei Wien in Betrieb gehen.

Regelmäßige Updates zum Pilotprojekt bekommen Sie in unserem Bikedeck NEWSLETTER. 

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features & benefits

bikedeck - Intelligentes und platzsparendes Fahrradparken für Innenstädte mit digitalem Schließsystem

dual use of urban space

  • an accessible roof allows the area of the wheel boxes to be used twice, e.g. for: seating area / gastronomy / playground / greenery

  • Area selections for wheel boxes are reconsidered

  • full integration as street furniture

modularly expandable

  • more wheel boxes means more designable roof area

  • Adaptation to different urban areas

  • Basic module Radbox also possible as a box arrangement in bicycle garages

  • Equipment with e-charging stations possible

Social interaction 
& green thought

  • Added value for cyclists AND pedestrians

  • attractive seats in the middle of the city

  • creative urban design of the roof areas as parklets and recreation zones

  • Improvement of the microclimate through greening

digital locking system 

  • digital locking system with app integration

  • Mobile app, terminals on the boxes, digital locking systems on the doors

  • reserve, book and pay via mobile phone

  • App can be branded

  • The app can be used in two ways: renting a bike box by the hour or as a bike rental system

areas of application

bikedeck Fahrradboxen für die doppelte Nutzung von Stadtfläche

For inner cities

Double use of city space: bike deck - bike boxes with parking on the roof 

Bicycles are parked in secure bicycle boxes below, and seating and greenery can be installed on the roof surface. In exchange for 2 car parking spaces, you get 7 bicycle boxes and 20m² relaxation zone for cities with Bikedeck. 

bikedeck - Fahrradmöbel für Fußgänger und Fahrradfahrer

For pump tracks and leisure facilities

Autonomous rental station for dirt bikes on pump tracks

With Bikedeck you create an attractive rental offer on city pump tracks - bikes can be rented digitally via an app for a deposit. The roof area and stairs can be used as a spectator platform and seating. 

No more ugly boxes👉

  • Cities have little space, bicycle traffic is increasing

  • Bike theft is on the rise

  • Attractive locations for better visibility are missing -> Placement in “unplaces”

  • The crate character of the usual wheel boxes prevents cities from setting up 

Hässlicher Fahrradabstellplatz
Hässlicher Fahrradabstellplatz

promotion up to 90%


for Bikedeck as a pilot project via the PPPI (Innovative Public Procurement)

for Austrian clients from the public sector

  • What is the advantage of Bikedeck?
    With Bikedeck, urban space can be used twice and make a contribution to the social environment. With Bikedeck you can not only conjure up greenery on the roof, but also seating areas or an entire chill-out area. Thanks to the modular system, the size of the bike deck can be adjusted and creates 4 bicycle parking spaces and a roof area of 10m² on a car park. According to the motto: bike below, parklet above, the bike deck can be freely designed. With the digital locking system, Bikedeck can be flexibly reserved, booked and paid for by the hour and integrated into your MAAS platform.
  • What variants are there?
    Bikedeck is a modular system with a variable number of boxes. The roof can also be used in different ways (e.g. seating, greenery or PV system).
  • What goes on the roof of the bike deck?
    The design of the roof area can be determined and shaped by the exhibitor. Everything is possible, from seating areas to greenery. In cooperation with associations or local residents, it is also conceivable to design the boxes on the roof as a citizen project.
  • What colors is the bike deck?
    Bike deck can be powder-coated in the desired color and, if necessary, foiled with logos and advertising.
  • Where is bike deck produced?
    We develop and produce in Austria.
  • When will Bikedeck be available?
    Bikedeck will be available from August 2023. If you are interested, please contact
  • Is there already a bike deck in operation?
    A bike deck will be put into operation at the beginning of the 2023 cycling season. We will announce where and when exactly.
  • Who does the income from box rentals go to?
    The income goes to the buyer, you can set the prices yourself.
  • How big is the bike deck?
    Bikedeck is a modular system, i.e. the size can be adjusted with the number of boxes. A bike deck with 3 bike boxes and stairs has the dimensions 4.7 m x 2.5 m x 2.6 m (height).
  • Does a foundation need to be laid?
    Bikedeck does not require a separate foundation, but precautions must be taken depending on the structure of the substructure.
  • Does Bikedeck need maintenance?
    Yes, the bike deck has moving parts that are checked once a year. For the pilots, we will take on intensive support and maintenance ourselves in the first year. This is free for the pilot communities. From the second year, the maintenance must be taken over by service partners or the municipality itself. Maintenance costs may apply here.
  • Is Bikedeck available with an e-bike charger?
  • Does the bike deck need electricity?
    Yes, for the digital locking system.
  • Is there a bike deck with conventional locks?
    Yes, then you don't need a power connection.
  • Which material / which coating are used?
    Galvanized steel, powder-coated.
  • Who can apply for the grant?
    Public Procurers.
  • What is the PPPI?
    The PPPI is the innovative public procurement and an initiative of the BMK together with the AWS. New, innovative products and services are presented on the IÖB innovation platform: https://www.ioeb-innovationsplattform. at/ For all products listed on the innovation platform, funding can be requested that will fund up to 90% of the project costs, including those of the bike deck.
  • When can the grant be applied for?
    Several times a year.
  • What is the timeline for funding?
    After submitting the application in February, it takes about 3 months for the funding application to be checked and confirmed. The project duration after application confirmation is a maximum of 1 year and 3 months to implement the project.
  • Who submits the application?
    The procurer.
  • Bike deck in two versions - Urban and Pumptrack - are both eligible for funding as a pilot via the PPPI?
  • How is the funding process?
    Decision on the configuration of the bike deck and costing of the overall project Prepare the funding application Funding decision Order the bike deck from Velovio Production of the bike deck Assembly and installation Procurer pays costs Submission of the final funding report Payment of the grant
  • What are the costs for the procurer?
    The following factors play a role in the question of costs: - Configuration of the bike deck (modular) - Delivery and installation - Approved funding rate (of 50%-90%) - Maintenance costs
  • How much does the bike deck cost?
    For an exact offer, please contact us.



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