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made for cyclists

gummingprevents scratches on the bicycle frame

Goodbye rim killers- no damage to the rim

lockabilityof frame and wheel

Stable leaningby tilting the bracket

for cargo bikessuitable

Large pitchespossible due to the modular structure

designed for public use 

Mobile installation- anchorable or mobile

Modular system allows a wide variety of configurations

45° inclinationsaves space in narrow streets

Easy cleaningwith the high-pressure cleaner through flat bars

weightthrough concrete modules

E-bike chargersuitable available

Aesthetics & Designfor integration into the cityscape

modular and flexible

One system - many types

The Salzburg bracket   is a modular construction kit. With the leaning bracket, weighting modules and floor strips in different 
Lengths   35 different models can be built. And that's not all - the skirting boards can be lined up. 

material + colors

In order to meet the demands of the public area, the Salzburg bracket comes hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated in the color of your choice. 

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