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WHAT we offer



Bicycle parking can look great too! We combine function with aesthetics, and design products for bicycles and cyclists both for our own products, and as a service to others.

  • Development of new products for cycling infrastructure as part of a "Design by velovio" service

  • Implementation of the products up to series production

  • Production in our partner network




Our own in-house products are created with a passion for cycling. Thanks to a network of partners, we create products from the first sketch to series production.

  • Own product lines

  • Produced in our partner network in Austria




Our products are part of the overall concept and bike friendliness in cities must be seen as a big picture. We therefore offer support in planning the implementation of our products.

  • Urban space and bicycle parking concepts

  • Assistance in planning activities related to our products

  • Visualizations of the target projects

what do you need?


For companies

Are you looking for an attractive and functional design solution for your employees' and customers' bicycles for your company?


We can provide:

  • Development of an overall concept for your company premises

  • Functional products with an elegant design

  • Coming soon: charging for e-bikes and service station

  • Modification of our products to your company CI

  • Visualization of the end result

  • Construction and installation

for cities and municipalities

Bicycle friendliness is very important in your community and are you looking for a functional, robust and attractive solution for bicycle parking?

This is our job:

  • Development of an overall concept for the project location taking into account the environment, such as pedestrian flows, accessibility, frequency of use

  • Adaptation of the products to the cityscape, such as colors and materials

  • Visualization of the end result

  • Construction and installation

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